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cheap nfl jerseys china who participated in this referendum will demand that that timetable is followed. I’ll be speaking to the Prime Minister shortly after this statement but can I return thirdly to the empowerment of so many Scots entering the political process for the very first time. It is something that is so valuable it has to be cherished, preserved and built upon. I’ve said before many times in this campaign that the most moving things I saw was the queue of people in Dundee two or three weeks ago patiently waiting to register to vote. Most of them for the first time ever deciding to participate in the democratic process. Today in Inverurie I met a 61 year old lady just coming out of the polling station who had never voted before in
cheap jerseys top her life. I met a soldier, a former soldier, who hadn’t voted since he left
cheap jerseys the army some 24 years ago. And these people were inspired to enter democratic politics by the thought that they could make a difference in building something better for the country. These are people who all of us as

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