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all that snooker has got RONNIE O’Sullivan might have turned his nose up at 10 grand but his latest controversy just shows he’s still worth his weight in gold to snooker. Poor Ronnie’s getting it tight this week. He was all set to rattle in a 147
wholesale jerseys china break at the BetVictor Welsh Open but decided it wasn’t worth the bother. Not for That was the reward on the line for the maximum but it was an insult to O’Sullivan. He turned down the penultimate black and stuck in a 146 instead and stuck two fingers up at the organisers. Shameful, disrespectful, arrogant. He’s been
cheap jerseys china called the lot and then some by the po faced brigade getting
cheap jerseys their knickers in a twist. Well, here’s another word for Ronnie priceless. You couldn’t buy the kind of PR he has given the Welsh Open this week. At time when the sport is quietly being packed off in to the margins the bold Ronnie got it back on the back pages. It’s this kind of stuff that might help the prize pot for maximums go back up again. The sport is crying out for attention. It needs to

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