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the Cardinals were 64 53, treading third place water in the NL, six games behind the pitching thick Dodgers. As late as Aug. 30, the gap became seven. No one could have anticipated a windfall of 19 wins in 20 games that pushed the Cardinals to the pennant’s doorstep. By that time, Musial was being honored in every city the team visited and regretted his announcement for the distraction it caused. On Sept. 16, the Cardinals opened a crucial three game set with Los Angeles at Busch Stadium, trailing the Dodgers by a game. In the seventh inning of Game 1, Musial pulled a Johnny Podres pitch to the pavilion roof in right field, dramatically tying the score 1 1. The Dodgers prevailed 3 1 and swept the series. Camelot came crashing down. ONE FOR THE ROAD A St. Louis baseball
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all that snooker has got RONNIE O’Sullivan might have turned his nose up at 10 grand but his latest controversy just shows he’s still worth his weight in gold to snooker. Poor Ronnie’s getting it tight this week. He was all set to rattle in a 147
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Centre de semi-liberté de Melun 

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Tribunal de grande instance de Melun : juges de l’application des peines

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Tribunal de grande instance de Lille: Procureur de la République

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